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This site is run by Abrasives For Industry Ltd, a company specialising primarily in metalworking abrasives, but also with products for woodworking and other applications.

Abrasives For Industry Ltd is the owner and trading company of Abrasives World, which incorporates Right Lines.

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Our Product Selection

On this site we offer selected products that are popular and therefore regularly purchased in quantity by many industrial and trade companies. Specifications are given on the product pages, but the additional information given here may help your selection.

Metal Cutting Discs Metal Cutting Discs

We offer standard and thin cutting discs. Standard discs are usually used for cutting mild steel and cast iron. Usually 3.2mm thick (1/8in), they enable a significant amount of abrasive to be applied to the cut. They can thus give more life than thin cutting discs when cutting thicker sections of steel. They are also more rigid and thus less prome to drifting when in thicker section. Thin cutting discs (often known as slitting discs) are better for hard alloys, such as stainless steel, especially in sheet form. We also offer petrol saw cutting discs which are designed to suit the higher speeds of the modern petrol chop saws such as the Stihl TS410 and Husqvarna K760. These have treble reinforcing and are marked with a green stripe in accordance with EN12413 as suitable for 100m/s peripheral speed. If you looking for smaller quantities we sell them here.

Metal Grinding Discs Metal Grinding Discs

Full pack quantities of metal grinding discs are offered in 2 grades, standard and stainless steel, both 6.4mm or 1/4in thick. The standard discs are for mild steel and cast iron, whilst the stainless steel grade discs are free from potential contaminants and include a different abrasive content to facilitate grinding harder alloys. Smaller quantities of metal grinding discs are sold on our main website here.

Stripping Discs Stripping Discs

Our polycarbide stripping discs are offered in several forms and are highly effective on both wood and metal to strip rust, paint, varnish and other coatings. For larger areas, the backed discs for angle grinders are most effective. Use the 115mm discs on 115mm and 125mm angle grinders and the 180mm on 180mm and 230mm grinders. Spindle mounted discs or wheels are for use in chucks or collets. These can be used on edge to do more detailed stripping tasks and awkward shapes such as when stripping rust from railings. We also offer button mounted stripping discs which are compatible with Roloc, Lockit and similar quick change disc systems. These small discs are ideal for stripping paint and rust off small areas for damage repair on car bodies. This website offers full pack quantity deals, but if you need a smaller quantity, they can be purchased on the AbrasivesWorld website.

Abrasive Sanding Belts Sanding Belts

For quantity deals we have chosen the most popular sizes of belts for hand held belt sanders. 3in belts are sized 75mm x 533mm and 4in belts are sized 100mm x 610mm. Our sister company Right Lines Ltd stocks other sizes. We also offer the popular 4in linishing belts sized 100mm x 915mm to fit popular 3in fixed bed belts linishers. These belts are all made with quality taped joints after abrading the base to the depth of the tape to minimise 'bumping'. Whilst popular sizes are offered in quantity on this website, we also offer a much larger range on the AbrasivesWorld website.

Diamond Blades Diamond Blades

There are many types of diamond blades and our sister company, Right Lines Ltd offers a large selection. On this website we have offered several popular choices for both general and specifica applications. The General Purpose diamond blades offer an excellent balance of performance, durability and value for most construction cutting applications, such as cutting concrete and house bricks. For the building contractor who is frequently cutting brick, stone, granite, concrete with re-bar etc, we offer Multi-Slysa. These are durable laser welded diamond blades with a high grade diamond bonded into 10mm deep turbo style segments which help cut faster as well as keeping the blade cooler. We also list 2 special purpose designs of diamond blade for mortar raking and tile cutting. The mortar raking blades are of the dual cut design, which is effectively 2 diamond blades co-joined on a central flange. This means the mortar is cut quickly, rather than being ground. With no diamond in the centre, they are also cheaper. We find that many customers who try the dual cut mortar rakes stay with them and they can be bought very economically on this website. The tile cutting blades offered are in standard 'Tile Slysa' design for ceramic tiles and in the 2 most popular sizes of premium turbo tile discs. These have a high grade of diamond, enabling them to quickly cut the hardest grades or porcelain. The thin blade section, which has a continous turbo style rim, results in a neat cut. These blades self cool and can be used either wet in tile saws or dry on angle grinders.

 Quick Change Discs Quick change Roloc compatible discs

We stock the threaded button style of quick change disc. These are compatible with Roloc (Trademark of 3M Corp) and Lockit (Trademark of Cibo Abrasives) quick change systems. They are stocked in 2in (50mm) and 3in (75mm) diameters, which are useful for repairing small areas, such as in car body repairs and small fabrications. The coarsest discs are grade 24 in zirconium abrasive and these will quickly remove welds and re-shape metal. They are stocked up to very fine grade 320mm in aluminium oxide abrasive for smoothing off.

 Fibre Backed Sanding Discs Fibre sanding discs

Also known as resin fibre discs, these sanding discs are ideal for heavy duty abrasive work. We offer high performance zirconium K3K discs which give outstanding performance and life. They are ideal for sanding both mild and stainless steel.