Stripping Discs

Our 'Strip Clean' stripping discs provide a fast way to remove rust, paint and grime from metal. They are also highly effective on wood. They are made from an open nylon nonwoven structure, resin bonded with extra coarse silicon carbide grain. The structure is slightly flexible to avoid gouging. Wear exposes fresh grit to give a consistent peformance through the discs' life.

Stripping discs can be mounted on various tools. The most popular are backed discs which mount on to angle grinders or rotary polishers without needing a backing pad. These are ideal for cleaning large areas quickly. Small discs, 2" and 3", are available in Roloc compatible quick change format. These are used in holders with either 6mm spindles (best for die-grinders) or M14 mountings for angle grinders, sanders and polishers with similar spindles. Wheels can be purchased ready mounted onto spindles, or purchased as plain discs with centre holes. These can be used on tapered shaft polishing mills and other rotating shaft machines.

Our main website offers stripping discs and wheel in various forms, including single discs if required:

Backed stripping discs.  Roloc style stripping disc Stripping wheel, spindle mounted.  Stripping wheel for tapered shaft mounting.