Flap Discs: Zirconium Abrasive

Our standard flap discs are made from zirconium abrasive to give rapid performance and durability on a wide range of metals from mild to hard stainless steels and alloys. 

A popular choice is the standard 115mm Right Lines brand flap disc, stocked in grades 40, 60 and 80 and sold at very attractive prices.

On other sizes we stock the Cibo FSC range, which is a great choice for the professional metal worker.

Ceramic flap discs are increasingly popular due to their faster grinding performance and exceptionally long life. Ceramic Flap Disc

A major innovation by Cibo Abrasives has been the Rapid Combi-Disc or RCD, which can remove a TIG weld and leave a fine brushed finish in one operation. These discs have alternatate layers of ceramic abrasive which rapidly removes material and surface conditioning, which dresses the surface. Cibo Rapid Combi-Disc RCD

We offer a wide range of  flap discs on www.abrasivesworld.co.uk/flap-discs.html