Diamond Blades

We offer professional grade diamond blades at greatly discounted prices for modest batch quantities. We mainly stock Right Lines diamond blades for great performance, long life and superb value for money.

The diamond blade range can be seen on our main website:www.abrasivesworld.co.uk/diamond-cutting-grinding-polishing.html 

For great value trade grade blades (as opposed to DIY grade), the general purpose black diamond blade range is hard to beat. General Purpose Diamond Blades

For cutting a wider range of site materials, including stone as hard as granite, concrete with embedded reinforcing bar and bricks, the Multi-Slysa range represents a popular choice due to its fast cutting ability and durability. These blades have 10mm deep turbo diamond segments which are laser welded on. In small sizes they are popular in wall chasers due to their ability to quickly cut into brick. In larger sizes they are a popular choice for use on Stihl and Husqvarna petrol saws. Multi-Sylsa Diamond Blade For Concrete, Brick and Stone Cutting.

For severe applications that most diamond blades struggle with, the Multi-Slysa Premium Plus range has premium grade diamond, bonded into laser welded turbo segments. These give a solution for cutting hard bricks, Indian paving stone and harder grades of grnite and limestone. 

Where a neat cut is required, as is often the case with hard products such as granite slabs or clay roof tiles, the granite turbo range has a continuous rim for smoother, low chip cutting. cutting. Granite Turbo Diamond Blade For Smooth Cutting

 The Right Lines tiling disc blade range is probably the most comprehensive in Britain, with a diamond blade for almost every wet tile saw, bridge saw or angle grinder. The range includes standard ceramic tile cutting blades, Tile Slysa, premium blades for neat cutting harder tiles, Tile Slysa Premium and turbo style blades for fast cutting even the hardest flooring grade porcelain tile, Tile Slysa Turbo Premium.  Right Lines Porcelain Cutting Diamond Blade