Quick Change  Roloc™ Compatible Discs

Our quick change discs are compatible with Roloc™, Lockit and similar systems. In standard sanding discs we offer zirconium abrasive discs in coarser grades and aluminium oxide in finer grades, giving an ideal selection from grinding to fine finishing (grades 24 to 320) mild steel, stainless steel, fillers etc.

Surface conditioning discs are for blending, removing blemishes and brightening metal. 

Other types supplied include ceramic abrasive - ideal for hard alloys. Unitised discs can skip several stages in brightening metal towards a polish, whilst felt discs will apply that finished polish. Roloc discs are thus ideal for polishing small and detailed areas.

Buy Roloc Compatible Discs: We offer a wide range of Roloc compatible quick change discs on our main website: www.abrasivesworld.co.uk/quick-change-discs-roloc.html

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Roloc™ is a trade name of 3M Corp.