Fibre Sanding Discs

We offer the Cibo range of fibre sanding discs due to their excellent performance on metal. The most popular abrasive type is zirconium, which not only works well on stainless steel, but also gives faster sanding and much greater durability than aluminium oxide when used on mild steel. 

Ceramic abrasive 'FX' discs are increasingly popular. Although it is a more expensive abrasive, the durability of around 3 times greater than zirconium means that they often represent much better value. Additionally, the time saving from the reduced number of disc changes can be significant in a busy fabrication shop.

We also offer a wide range of fibre sanding discs, including ceramic abrasive on our main website:

Aluminium Oxide Fibre sanding Disc Zirconium Fibre Sanding Disc, K3K Ceramic FX Fibre Backed Sanding Disc